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Vertical Shelf 806-1910MHz

Receiver MultiCouplers



  • Vertical Shelf Capability
  • Multiple Outputs (8 primary, 2 expansion)
  • Low Noise (< 3dB)
  • Variable Gain
  • Optional Supply Voltages
  • Compact Size
  • The Receiver Multicoupler allows for the operation of two or more receivers connected to a single antenna, conserving tower space and minimizing system installation and maintenance costs. This receivers vertical shelf capability makes it possible for a fully integrated wireless distribution system to be all on one shelf, vertically aligned with the duplexer and combiners. Consisting of a multistage amplifier and two power dividers, this compact unit provides the overall system gain and low noise loss figure, < 3dB. A primary power divider distributes equal amplitude signals to each of eight separate receivers. Two additional ports are available for future expansion. Fault monitoring indicates the proper operation of the amplifier as well as the integral power supply.


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