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Horizontal Shelf 806-1910MHz

Horizontal Reciver Multicoupler



  • Multiple Outputs (2-16)
  • Low Noise (< 3dB)
  • Variable Gain
  • Occupies 1 RU
  • Optional Supply Voltages
  • The Receiver Multicoupler allows for the operation of two or more receivers connected to a single antenna, conserving tower space and minimizing system installation and maintenance costs. The unit consists of a preselector and multi-stage amplifier to provide the overall system gain and noise figure. A power divider distributes equal amplitude signals to each of the separate receivers. Fault monitors indicate proper operation of the amplifier as well as the integral power supply. All components are manufactured by Renaissance in order to meet lower costs.
Typical Block Diagram
rmhsout.gif (8704 bytes)
SMR Cellular PCS
Frequency Range (MHz) 806-824 824-849 1850-1910
Number of Channels 2-16 2-16 2-16
Nominal Gain (at max setting) 12dB 12dB 12dB
Gain Adjustment 10dB 10dB 10dB
Gain Variation over Temperature +/- 1dB +/- 1db +/-1db
Third order Intercept Point
(output ports, max gain)
+34dBm +34dBm +34dBm
Noise Figure 3.0dB 3.0dB 4.0dB
70dB Rejection (MHz) 851-894 869-894 1930-1990
VSWR (input/output) 1.5:1 1.5:1 1.5:1
Power Supply (alt. input voltages available) 18-75 VDC 18-75 VDC 18-75 VDC
Size Standard EIA 19" x 1RU high Standard EIA 19" x 1RU high Standard EIA 19" x 1RU high
Weight ~ 6 lbs. ~ 6 lbs. ~ 6 lbs.
Temperature Range -30 C to +50 C -30 C to +50 C -30 C to +50 C


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Bangalore - 560 013, India