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System Description

The Renaissance Communication  Base Radio Cabinets have been designed to accomodate the modularity of the newly developed REC Combiners and Multicouplers. This Modularization allows expansion with a minimum amount of added components. The extensive combining along with the compact design allows up to seven Base Radios per Cabinet.

A typical Base Station cabinet consists of a three branch Receiver Multicoupler with eight equal outputs plus expansion ports, a Transmitter Combiner with a maximum of nine inputs, a Breaker Panel and all the necessary wiring and cabling for seven Base Radios. Room is provided on the Receiver Multicoupler Tray for either three Duplexers in a Main Base Radio Cabinet or three Receiver Preselectors in an Expansion RF Cabinet. Both Cabinets are powered from the main -48Vdc bus.

The unique Transmitter Combiner allows up to nine inputs and four outputs in various configurations within the same 3.5 inches of rack space. This feature allows up to 24 channels in a three-branch diversity system. Custom configurations of these Base Radio Cabinets are also available




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