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Model 9A2NS - Multi-Channel High Power Transmitter Combiner


Model 9A2NS

Boost Channel Capacity

This Multi-Channel High Power Transmitter Combiner can be configured in nine different combinations covering a frequency range of 850 - 870 MHz with no tuning required. Standard EIA 19 inch rack mounting, 3.5 inches (2 RU) has integral fan cooling for up to 400W dissipation with wiring provided for 18 - 70vDC operation. Typical performance for the unit illustrated features >70dB isolation between transmitters with less than 7.0dB insertion loss for the four way and 3.8dB for the two way. Designed for either CDMA or TDMA applications, the combiner is currently being developed for greater system flexibility using minimum rack space. Renaissance has become a primary force supplying customized base station products and subsystems, including 2, 3, and 4-channel transmitter combiners and receiver multicouplers.


Typical 2 Channel Typical 4 Channel
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