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Transmitter Combiners...

Model 9A2NE - 2-Way High Power Transmitter Combiner

Model 9A2NE

800 MHz - 2300 MHz



  • Full Frequency Band
  • No Tuning Required
  • Rack Mount Applications
  • Multiple Channels
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High Isolation

Our rack mounted, High Power Transmitter Combiners can be used in systems requiring close frequency separations. The unit will meet all performance specifications over the entire frequency band specification without tuning. The compact configuration allows mounting in 3.5 inches of rack space. Each combiner utilizes REC manufactured components. A variety of two channel models are available. As your requirements change, preserve your initial investment with our upgrade kit which allows you to expand from two channel to four channel. Mounting arrangements can be customized to optimize heat dissipation.


Outline Drawing of 2 Way High Power Transmitter Combiner
hptc2c.gif (5687 bytes)
800-960MHz 1700-2300MHz
Frequency Sep. (MHz) 0-160 0-80
Insertion Loss (dB max) 3.5 4.0
Isolation chan-chan (dB) 80 80
Isolation Ant-Tx (dB) 56 55
VSWR max 1.2:1 1.2:1
Power (CW) max (wts/chan) 200 200
Power Pk Watts 700 700
Size Inches (w x h x d) 8.5x3.5x11 8.5x3.5x11
Connectors (type N) Female Female
Weight (lbs.) 8 8
Specifications subject to change without notice